Sunday, December 30, 2007

Student Loan Consolidation Guide

When considering the idea of consolidating a student loan there are a few things that need to be considered. they are when, where, and how. Most federal student loans can be consolidated. Private loans that were used for school can also be consolidated to allow you to have one, lower overall payment instead of several.

When can I consolidate my loans?

Student loans can be consolidated from a period starting on a date 6 months prior to your graduation date. You can, of course consolidate any time after you have graduated and are paying the loans back. If you do decide to consolidate your student loans while in school, you should apply for deferred payment. This allows you to start your repayment after graduation.

Where do I consolidate a student loan?

Many online and traditional lenders offer student loan consolidation services. Currently, you can get several great offers online. Interest rates on these loans may fluctuate and when you decide to consolidate you need to be sure to lock in the lowest rates possible.

How do I apply for consolidation?

To consolidate your loans you will need to make a list of them and total it. Then you can shop around online to find the best offers available. The actual application process is pretty straightforward. One thing you need to remember, you can only consolidate once. This means that you need to carefully consider you decision and make the right choice. This is where the internet can be a useful resource.